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Neighbourhood champ

What is the neighbourhood champ program?
Nearcircles mission is to create connected and inclusive neighbourhoods. This can be achieved only if we can work with people who can champion this cause from a ground level in every neighbourhood. If you are one of those who wants to take part in this mission then join the neighbourhood champ program today
What is expected from a neighbourhood champ?
  1. Attend our online 45min neighbourhood champions 1-1 tutorial
  2. Be the spokesperson for your neighbourhood (we will guide you here)
  3. Invite people to join your neighbourhood community on Nearcircles
  4. Organise a neighbourhood meetup once a month under a themed event (Nearcircles can help with sponsorships)
What will a neighbourhood champ get?
You are making a difference to the world by creating an inclusive neighbourhood. That's a big contribution and your neighbourhood will be proud of you. We will ensure that you get the right visibilty to your efforts through our "neighbourhood wall of fame",  neighbourhood community champion certificate (you maybe able to use this as part of your community service contribution where applicable) and blog about your efforts on our platforms. Though monetary benefits are not a real match for your time and efforts, we will be very happy to reward every neighbourhood champion with Free NTUC vouchers / GV cinema tickets (in Singapore only), amazon giftcards (in other countries). Last but not the least, you will receive exclusive invites to our "neighbourhood champions" events (in Singapore only)
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