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Get to Know your Neighbor in 5 simple ways!

 Get to Know your Neighbor in 5 simple ways!

Neighbors are really important. They are the ones you socialize with. They help you when in need, Hangout

with you and can be your friends for a lifetime. SoGet to know your neighborThat to in just 5 simple and easy steps.

Just Be Nice to Them:- Always have a positive approach when you meet your neighbor. Wave at them whenever  they meet you, Ask how are they feeling? What do they do? These small gestures will make them happy and you will get to know them.

Don’t start by asking for Sugar or Salt :- You don’t want your neighbor to think that you only approach them when you want to borrow something. You have to make your neighbors feel that you are really interested in talking to them.

Compliment them : - Everyone likes a good Compliment. As it is said, a compliment can make a day beautiful for someone. So compliment your neighbors or neighbor they might be having a bad day and your compliment can make that all go away.

Throw a small party :- Invite your neighbors to a tea party or for lunch or dinner, Just make them have a good time at your place so that you get to know them better.

Hangout with them :- Go for a Jog, swimming ,play some sport, Go for s coffee. Hangout with them you
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