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Election verdict from a Singaporean taxi driver point of view

Why will I vote for PAP? A Singapore taxi driver's claim
Today morning as usual I took a taxi to office. The taxi driver was very friendly to me with the way he greeted and looked like a happy person. On my way, I was looking at different election posters and those reminded me my previous night bus ride experience when I was travelling by bus and saw a huge crowd at the Bedok stadium - an election rally was taking place. I thought of asking the taxi driver about what he felt about the current elections. 
So, what do you think about the current elections? 
I think this time would be tough. I support PAP.
Why? You see, there are few who complain (about PAP). Those who claim, don't know how lucky they are (with the current state of Singapore). The government has done so much to bring Singapore to this state today. They (those who complain) should go to Malaysia and other countries and compare.
What do you think the verdict would be? PAP will win back of-course. Opposition will not get more seats. 
What about the arguments around CPF, foreign worker number etc? Yes, most complains are around CPF, even I feel the same. I wish I could take more money from my CPF account. Though the government will give me money every month, how much will I enjoy as I age? Hopefully the government will change the CPF policy.
So, you are not 100% happy? See, overall they had done a great job. Singapore government always try to listen to people. The government admits and says sorry when mistake happens whereas other governments do not. For me little things such as good roads, proper greenery, health & monetary benefits they provide are enough. I am sure that these would improve also in future. 
But don't you think the need for a bigger opposition? You can have opposition in the form of NMP (non conservative MP). They can voice their opinion, suggest to the government, attend parliament sessions etc. No need of any more opposition.
What do you think about foreign worker number issue? I don't see any threat. Singapore has no natural resources, without foreign workers taxi people won't be able to earn what they do now. Just compare the disposable income levels. 
So do you think all the taxi drivers support PAP? Well not really. Many of them complain of different issues. I want to have a chat with them. 
Just when I felt that the discussion was actually getting started, he asked me where is the drop-off point. I wrapped up the chat by paying the fare. I wish, on my next ride, I get to meet someone who supports an opposition view. Will get the perspective of the other side . 
Disclaimer: The views expressed here are not in any way reflective of the author's opinion.
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