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7 steps to help your community

Here are the 7 steps to help your community

Always try to be a Helping Hand, not because you expect something back in return, but for yourself and the community you live in. You can help your community grow and look good in just 7 simple ways.

Take a Garbage bag with you- Whenever you go for a walk or you go to the market, always carry a garbage bag with you and pickup any litter you see on your way. This is how you will help by keeping your community clean.

Shop with locally owned business- Some local community business offers you good deals like gift wrapping, homemade chocolates, dairy products etc. buy it from them; it saves time and money and even profits your community members.

Find Positive aspects of your community- Find some positive aspects share it with others, so that it can help your community be even better. Improvisation is necessary and it’s not a bad thing.

Write a letter to the local in charge- Write a letter about the problems going on or appreciate how nicely the problem was taken Care off. This will make the in charge head happy that he’s doing a good job and people are appreciating.

Decorate your surrounding- Put some plants, keep your area clean. Wash it every day, so that people in your locality look at you and follow the same. This will make your locality look good and everyone loves to live in a clean environment.

Attend a Local Festival or event- Go and attend local festivals, Like Ganesh chaturthi, Diwali, Holi and enjoy with them. Help them raise funds for such events so that people can celebrate and can enjoy themselves.

Vote- Always go and vote for the candidate, you feel is the most suitable and will help in issues and will do something for your community.

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