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7 steps to become a “Good Neighbor”

7 steps to become a “Good Neighbor”

Who doesn’t like to have good neighbors around them and in their locality? 

So if you like to have good neighbors around you, How about you also learn that how to be a Good neighbor in Just 7 simple Ways.

Introduce Yourself – No matter if you are new in the neighborhood or new neighbors have just moved in. Introduce yourself, Offer them a welcoming Gift or ask about the local area, Like how far is the market or when does the garbage guy comes. Start a conversation with your neighbor on any random topic.

Know your neighbors lifestyle- Get to know what does your neighbor or Neighbors do. What is their lifestyle, where do they work? If they work during the night and have late night shifts, quiet and peaceful mornings will be good for them. If you are having a Renovation or Making something new tell them in advance that there will disturbance for a while.

Practice parking etiquette- When you are parking your vehicle, Make sure that it isn’t blocking anyone’s space or he-she is not able to remove their car because you did not park it right. Always know where to park your car.

Invite your neighbors for parties- If you are having a bash at your house make sure to invite your neighbors so that they get to know you better and your family and friend Circle and Make them feel comfortable.

Be aware of your surroundings and as well as theirs- Even though you are not in the night watch committee but always keep an eye on yours and your neighbors surroundings and if anything is happening report it to your neighbors and tell them beware.

Report events- If you hear or see anything happening in your neighborhood like crime, special events, Parties, Marathons tell your neighbors about it.

Be nice to your new neighbors- When someone new moves in beside you; welcome them they would love to have a coffee with you.
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