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7 Reasons why neighbors are important?

Neighbors are the ones you live with in the same locality, Share the same street, the same park or Garden and you cannot ignore your neighbors for theseSEVEN reasons!

Your Safety- If you good neighbors they will look for you and your property, they will increase the safety for your family. They are your eyes and years assure your safety and as well as the neighborhood.

Peaceful living- It’s a good thing if u live in a peaceful neighborhood. Who doesn’t like that?    So good neighbors will always respect your privacy, won’t be loud and rowdy and won’t make your life stressful.

Good Advisors- neighbors always can be good advisors and help you in making certain decisions of  which you are totally confused .

Vacation Help- When you are going out on a vacation, You would like to go without any stress, That did you properly lock the door or not, Turned off the gas stove or not , so that is where the neighbor step in and keeps an eye on your property and take of certain thing while you are gone.

Different cultures- You get to know about different cultures, neighbors can always be from different cultures and you can learn about different cultures.

Help with Supplies-There’s the old cliché about neighbors and a borrowed cup of sugar. It really is convenient to have someone close by who can help you out when you need to finish dinner or borrow a shovel or help you with a house party with lots of guests.

Family Support- After a period of time neighbors become like a part of the family. So they be with you during crisis in your family or a happy moment they always be with you to help you out.
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